One of many environment cuts. Something like a vertical slice of Art Style. Beware, this is not final image. Just one of samples from my workbench. We do not release unstable version until not understand that this game can stay near fingers of legs of great games of the past (smile).

efore sir Francis Drake became a famous explorer, pirate and privateer he was young but experienced man. In 23 Drake on the ship named Pelican (later renamed Golden Hind) go to the first big ride. Officially Pelican was a flagman ship under Drake command at 1576, but... we think that isn't true. We assume that in 1563 Drake made his first voyage to the New World exactly on board of Pelican. In the same year he was trapped by the Spaniards in the Mexican port of San Juan de Ulua.

He escaped along with cousin, Sir John Hawkins. We also assume that exactly in 1563 when Drake retreat with Hawkins was happened strange event. Morning after escape, Drake, Hawkins and their crew remembered strange feeling of deja-vu. They can't recall all past day. Just remember that this day already was. Day between day of the escape from the Spaniards and next day. This was not important part of their life, and they forget about it right away. Exactly from this point career of Drake has changed. Drake on board of Pelican was invulnerable. We ask myself - what really happens this strange day? Why after this Drake don't know defeats, despite the fact that Pelican was not invulnerable ship, and in despite of the fact that vessel was limited tonnage and firepower? Even in hard sea battles Pelican never been damaged ? Why?

We believed that Drake visited the place which have a name... Hind. World of Hind. In our times this term is very sparingly mentioned in the tales and legends. Almost no one remembers the existence of this world. And existence of this world is really big question. World of Hind there is no mention of in old notes, diaries, books or scrolls. Mif. Chimera. Tales of treasure hunters. But... something always happen behind your back.

Dake: The Golden Hind Story, attempts to shed light on the darkest story of one day from life of famous explorer also known as Sir Francis Drake.

e assume that game development industry of our days forget about great roots of the past of games, and forget about golden games of this past. Genre of cinematic platformers been presented is very limited number of games. Prince of Persia 1-2, Another World, Flashback, Blackthrone, and Bermuda Syndrome is not enough to describe abyss of great worlds which could be presented for gamer. Somebody decided that this genre is dead and not popular. These people made mistake.

Game grows on the roots of these old games. The story, full of details. Smooth movement controller and perfect animations which amazed many of gamers, where all actions of hero flow, like river without twitches. World which ready for deep exploration, where secrets never be marked by stupid messages "you found secret room!" and places which, probably, never been finded. And of course this world never be have "holy mission, target and quest markers" which lead you to the end.
This game dedicated for limited count of gamers who really want to see these old games and really want to play in game by himself. We understand that this direction are greatly narrow our target auditory... but we really-really tired from easy game decisions of this days, and tired from casual and social clams which have replaced our great gaming Past, on the poor and miserable Now.

Somebody must serve for this Past, respect the roots, and make work on revival of old roots. We ready for this.

Features of Drake was a normal and elementary for games of the past. Funny that today this is a feat for developers with high risks. Now we say, - Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant, - when want to do something in spirit of old traditions. This is ridiculous, but is this true. Hundreds of people and developers, whom I respect immensely, every day fighting for a return these pieces of the mind and talent of oldest days. We are with you.

Platform adventure with the little RPG elements.
Art and color Style based on old games by Westwood Studios and Delphine Software
Medeival setting + huge pieces of steam-punk (1563 AD)
7 big levels and 6 cities (or village)
One main quest and at least 12 sub-quests
Funny Achievements (without full description "how to")
Save only in special places
No slow-motion or bullet time
No rolling time back
No holly mission and target markers
No casual modes
No annoying messages and hints
No longer tutorial. You have F1 key and you have list of key bindings. If you want - you can read Drake Book (like old manuals). Sorry, we fully understand that You are used to that somebody do all stuff, put a spoonful into Your mouth and even chew. Here, this is not and will not. So, perhaps, the best way, pass by of the game. We have too much respect for You to spoon-feed You as others do.

You can see we do not claim to be a genius. We just want to make the adventure in the spirit of old traditions.

ur crew is small. Just two sailors. That is why I rarely publish updates and chat with the gamers. What the really need for us - time. Free time. History so banal. To work on the Drake we need a budget. Usually we work on customers to care about our families. After this work we work on the mister Drake. This is really hard task where often I need work almost 16 hours every day to gain opportunity to work on Drake at least two or three hours per day.

We do not need a help of publisher at this moment, and we do not need help of people who love to say "let's we'll steer." All we need - your support. To spread information about Drake game. We already feel this support. Your letters and likes - it's very important for us. Each letter from You - painkiller for me. I rise up, again and again and continue my work.

After a short demo, we will be happy to come to you for help in the Concepts section of Steam, and then (if we see the real activity around our game) we will try to public game on the Green Light section. If we do not see this activity we will try make this game in next few decades.

We can not take the help of Kickstarter because we are not a resident of the United States of America. Steam is very friendly platform for develop of games. We have a chance to win. Anyway we try to do it, we believe in our happy star, and we believe in You. Because without You we cannot reach the success. Thanks for visiting our page, for attention to Drake. See You soon.

In our work we rely only on the few games of the past of gamedev industry. This is a Flashback title, Another World, Prince of Persia and Blackthrone. This is a great samples, and great source of inspiration. And we promise that we will be a very gentle and careful with covenants of games-predecessors. We have a lot of ideas, but main "plot" and spirit of cinematic platformers will be saved.

Drake: The Golden Hind Story