Entry #05 - Update's on IndieDB

Date: 26.04.2015

Well... long time ago we started development of Drake and I promised to do regular updates in direction of regular news around game. I am screw up. I'm not a social man, and for me, unfortunately, hard entertain observers with news on the regular base. Maybe in future I can find man or woman, who take responsibility for publication of new content, and frequency of this publications, but this not happen now. Not yet. Probably when I get a budget.

We passed through the black year full of bad things. It's a bad news. Good news that we continue our development. Now we planned be a little bit careful with announces and promises. It's enough for me, but I assume doesn't enough for you. So we prepare first released animations (because we start finalize the part of content which was developed earlier), new concept-art & etc. You can know about this on our IndieDB page. Check the news blocks - News Block #19, News Block #20 and News Block #21. Lot of art and information (you can see examples bellow).

To receive the really fresh news (right from workbench) follow me on Twitter. Here I post a hot news about Drake and other projects in which I participate.

I hope that we see you soon.

Drake walk animation - released
Drake run animation - released
Smokers from Mend
Mend village

Entry #04 - Regular update on IndieDB

Date: 19.09.2013

Regular update on IndieDB, concept-art, info, announces and new stuff full of stories from life of developers. All you want to know about Art Style of Drake: The Golden Hind Story, fresh animation and lot of thoughts about game. In plus i want ask you vote for type of Art Style which you like based on two sample-images.

If you want you can fly to the voting page by pressing on Mayor concept-art icon, or else you can visit our DevBlog section. Thank You!

Royal Monorail
Visit the Voting of Art Style Help Drake to make this poster. One your

Entry #03 - Unlock all achievements!

Date: 11.09.2013

As soon we collect 30 "likes" on Facebook - i spread for all big Drake poster dedicated to Battle for Hindale. I do not want make spoilers for you, but can say that Drake participated in one of the many battles for the city. And I think be funny make a list of achievements for my development process. Like... m-m-m... tree of skills, or like achievements which developers do on the Kickstarter. Stretch goals. But of course without any money. Just for fun. Until i have no demo or early game, your "paid" for me "likes" on Facebook or your positive emotions. I want make my hard dev days more funny. You are help me with that?

If we cannot collect this sum in this year - I make discount 50% in this New Year. Christmas i mean. Like Steam Christmas sales (laughing). Not so high price for good and big digital poster of Drake. See you soon.

Entry #02 - Another crash site found

Date: 08.09.2013

Launched Facebook page. Add social buttons to spreading word! I really don't know what type of word from here can be spreaded, but also i know and know this really good that without community we have no chances to rise up. So... if you like Drake, or something else by our little hands - please help us to spreading. If you want ask something write me as write this earlier - I always and with the real happyness answer you. Check us on IndieDB, Facebook with our new... spreading... buttons.

O... wait a moment. I need to say something personal. My friend and partner on this project - go to the marriage. This is a great news. And for me too. Why? Because he come back at 12 October, and until this not happen I have a chance (and time i hope) to draw few pieces of new concept-art, and polishing this site for good work and long life.

When this guy return i ask him never show me this One Ring, and we immediately continue our work under second iteration of Drake controller, and I hope that in the end of Frebruary 2014 you can see and test this second build.

Entry #01 - Launch the crash site

Date: 08.09.2013

We glad noticed that we made little page for Drake. This is not giant net-source, just a little page where we collected all information about Drake in one place. All of here made in easy design solutions, because main thing - is game. And hot news about game development process, of course. Sketches, stuff from workbench, unfinished and finished stuff to illustrate process of creation of game.

Today i want publish for you few new game concepts. How you know we small team. Most important deliver for you game. That is why we so silent with a news and working so deep. That is why art so rare in past time. We have a hard work with second build of closed controller prototype.

Drake: The Golden Hind Story